Jonathan M. Collins

Jonathan Collins

Vice President Business Development
CEM Corporation
Charlotte, NC


A New One-Pot Process Improving the Greeness of FMOC SPPS

Improving the efficiency of solid phase peptide synthesis is important to meet the growing need for synthetic peptides. We have recently developed a new one-pot Fmoc SPPS process whereby the deprotection and coupling steps share the same solvent without any draining or delay between steps.

This new process, combined with microwave heating and optimized carbodiimide coupling, reduces the entire cycle time to < 3 minutes while dramatically reducing overall waste generated. For instance, a 20mer peptide can be assembled in < 1 hour in high purity with < 200mL waste, 0.1mmol scale. This process has been demonstrated on all types of peptides including long, difficult sequences as well as those containing important modifications, for example phospho, glyco, N-methyl).

This technology achieves an improvement in the greenness of SPPS. The first aspect is that it provides an unprecedented reduction in solvent usage for SPPS. The second aspect is that it provides synthetic purities at the highest level with the use of optimized microwave heating and enhanced carbodiimide chemistry, CarboMAX. This simplifies subsequent purification and recovery, which also improves overall efficiency.

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Jonathan Collins presenting at APS2019 Jonathan Collins presenting at APS2019 Jonathan Collins presenting at APS2019