James Link

James Link

Princeton University
Princeton, NJ


Genome Mining for Lasso Peptide

Lasso peptides are a class of peptidic natural products typified by their threaded [1]rotaxane structure. The lasso structure is formed by a covalent bond, an isopeptide N-terminus to sidechain linkage, and a mechanical bond, via threading of the C-terminal tail through the covalent macrocycle. This unique structure endows lasso peptides with excellent protease resistance, and in many cases, resistance to thermal denaturation.

Initial interest in lasso peptides stemmed from their potent narrow spectrum antimicrobial activities. The pace of lasso peptide discovery has been greatly accelerated in recent years due to the development of new genome mining tools, Maksimov et al. PNAS 2012.

In this talk I will discuss how genome mining for lasso peptides has led to new insights into the biosynthesis and catabolism of lasso peptides. In addition I will present strategies for targeting genome mining to discover novel antimicrobial lasso peptides.

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James Link presenting at APS2019 James Link presenting at APS2019 James Link presenting at APS2019