Ved Srivastava

Ved Srivastava

Vice President of Peptide Chemistry
Intarcia Therapeutics


Peptide Therapeutics: A Novel, Highly Selective Human Glucagon Receptor Agonist, ICA349 for Treatment of Obesity

Dr. Srivastava's company, Intarcia, have developed ICA349, a novel, peptidase resistant 38 amino acid peptide which is highly selective for the human glucagon receptor. ICA349 in combination with exenatide, GLP-1 agonist, demonstrated a significant reduction in body weight and composition, food intake, HbA1c, glucose and metabolic parameters in obesity/T2D rat models. The ICA6150349/exenatide combination in this model achieved weight loss of up to 38% with a 70% reduction in fat mass and a near-normalization of lipids. In the male ZDF rat, the ICA6150349/exenatide combination resulted in a significant decrease in HbA1c, -1.5%. His talk at APS2019 discussed the strategy and tactics for discovery and medicinal chemistry, pre-clinal data, and a sustained delivery method.

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Ved Srivastava presenting at APS2019 Ved Srivastava presenting at APS2019 Ved Srivastava presenting at APS2019