Ali Tavassoli

Ali Tavassoli

Professor of Chemical Biology
University of Southampton
United Kingdom
 (44) 23-8059-2395


Platforms for the Generation and High-Throughput Screening of Cyclic Peptide Libraries

Cyclic peptide libraries hold significant potential when deployed against challenging targets, such as protein-protein interactions. SICLOPPS is a genetically encoded method for the rapid intracellular generation of cyclic peptide libraries of over a hundred million members.

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One advantage of SICLOIPPS is that is can be interfaced with a variety of cell-based functional assays, in E. coli, yeast or mammalian cells.

We will discuss the use of this approach for the identification of inhibitors of a variety of challenging targets, including several first in class compounds. We will also discuss approaches for taking cyclic peptides forward, beyond hits, into the clinic.


Ali Tavassoli


University of Southampton School of Chemistry, University of Southampton, Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK

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Ali Tavassoli presenting at APS2019 Ali Tavassoli presenting at APS2019 Ali Tavassoli presenting at APS2019